Adding a Little Something Different To Your Lawn

Spicing up your Lawn

Many homeowners tend to place an undo amount of emphasis on the interiors of their houses during renovations and forget about their lawns entirely. Putting just a little effort into beautifying your lawn can produce tremendous results if you take the path less traveled. Here are just a few ways to add something a bit different to your lawn without burning through a massive pile of cash in the process.


Don’t let the exotic terminology fool you. Xeriscaping is as American as apple pie. Broadly speaking, it’s all about maximizing the lushness of a lawn without resorting to irrigation. Heavily dependent on the use of drought-resistant grasses, plants and trees, it’s a way to create luxurious landscapes in unforgiving conditions. Even if you live in a temperate climate, xeriscaping can help you to get the most from your lawn.

Bodies of Water

Lawn decorating isn’t just about greenery. You can accentuate your flora with different bodies of water distributed strategically throughout the grounds. A tasteful reflecting pool, koi pond or even an infinity pool in the backyard can make your lawn stand out. Any reputable landscaping service should be able to assist you in designing and implementing water features for your property in a way that’s harmonious and beautiful.

Multi-Level Landscapes

Few lawns are naturally level and require a lot of work to achieve the look of an athletic field. If that’s your goal, so be it. However, you’ll find that multi-level landscaping is far more interesting and adds visual flair to your grounds. Try implementing sunken gardens and terraces to spice things up. Any landscaping service can easily add these features in the course of the lawn decorating process.

Natural Fireplaces

Fireplaces constructed from natural materials like stone found on the premises is one lawn decorating tactic sure to jazz up your outdoor environment. You can create fire pits, hearths, grills and much more in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing and blends well with your natural surroundings. While building with stone can be tricky, the results are well worth it in the end. To achieve the best results possible, be sure to hire a landscaping service with plenty of experience in outdoor stone construction.

Vines to the Sky

Nothing adds an organic, earthy feel to your domicile like a wide array of vines placed strategically around the property. Whether you prefer Boston or English ivy, climbing roses or star jasmine, a number of vines can be the perfect accessory to your previous lawn decorating efforts. Consult with a landscaping service while you’re erecting verandas, fences and arbors to decide on the perfect vines for your home.

Unique Landscaping Done Right

Partnering up with qualified landscaping professionals is the surest way to ensure ultimate success in your outdoor remodeling efforts. In and around Pittsburgh, PA, Fairfield Landscaping and Tree Services are some of the best. If you need ISA Certified Arborists that are expert residential and commercial landscaping architects, they’re the ones to call. Regardless of your vision, they can bring your unique landscaping ideas to life.