Common Lawn Care Questions

There are bare spots all over my lawn. Why are they there and how can I fix them?

Bare spots can be caused by a number of reasons. The most common causes are pet and or wild animal damage. Animal urine is like dumping a pile of fertilizer in one spot all over the lawn. Grass cannot handle the amount of nitrogen present in urine and experiences extreme desiccation and eventually death. Other causes of animal damage are the presence of insects. Animals will dig up grass to eat grubs, earthworms and other insects that may be present in the lawn.

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Lawn and Healthcare

Taking Care of Your Healthy Lawn


The process of pulling cores of soil from the lawn’s canopy to better allow air, water, and nutrients to enter the soil. In addition, aeration reduces compaction that builds up from constant mowing and foot traffic. It also reduces thatch buildup which occurs naturally over the life cycle of grass plants. Aeration is one of the best ways to restore a damaged lawn and to improve the overall health of existing lawns.

Aeration of LawnAeration Process

Weed Control:

We use pre-emergent weed control to inhibit the germination of crabgrass and other grassy weeds. We do this because grassy weeds can be difficult to control once they start growing. The second part of weed control is broadleaf weed treatment. Broadleaf weeds consist of clover, dandelion, and thistle etc. We apply treatments as needed to inhibit the growth of broadleaf weeds. Keep in mind that a healthy lawn that is properly fertilized and watered will produce a tight-knit canopy of grass that provides the best defense against noxious weeds.

Weed Control
Crabgrass in a lawn

Broadleaf Weed
Typical Broadleaf Weeds

Insect control:

There are also two parts to insect control.
Part One is the treatment of root feeding insects like white grubs. Grub control treatments are essential to prevent these voracious insects from feeding on your lawn. Grub damage is best diagnosed when the dead grass can be pulled up like carpet, or when there are patches of grass lifted by animals that are feeding on the grubs. Grubs feast on the roots thus severing the plant’s connection with the soil.
Part Two is the control of surface feeding insects like cutworms, chinch bugs, and weevils. These insects devour the leaves of plants and can create devastating results

White Grub
White Grub damage

Surface feeding insect- Cutworm

Lawn Diseases and Control

One major problem effecting lawns in our area is disease. Diseases in grass, just as in humans, become a problem when the conditions are optimal for their survival. Disease spores grow and multiply most effectively in warm, moist conditions. Diseases can pop up literally over night, especially on hot, humid nights in July and August after rainstorms. Common diseases for our area are Red Thread, Dollar Spot, Rust, Pythium.
Some diseases are worse than others. For example, if left untreated, diseases like dollar spot and pythium can kill large portions of a lawn that will ultimately need to be re-seeded or resurfaced with sod. Although diseases are best treated preventatively, curative treatments can work as well. The biggest key to disease treatment is timing and knowing when the conditions are just right.

Red Thread
Red Thread

Dollar Spot
Dollar Spot

Rust Disease
Rust Disease

Pythium Blight
Pythium Blight

Spring is Coming, Here Are Some Monthly Landscaping Tips

Spring is Near

Spring is finally bringing an end to the historic cold weather in Canonsburg, PA, and homeowners can take steps to bring their landscaping back to life again. As temperatures rise, it is pleasant to spend time outdoors and get some physical exercise while doing small jobs in the yard. Some landscaping tips for early spring can help homeowners get a start on improving the condition of their landscape. A well kept yard reflects well on homeowners and shows respect for neighbors and the community.

Cleaning up and Pruning
A small job that is easy to do is tending to perennials that remained in gardens over the winter. Dead stems that are cut back to a height of three or four inches are ready for spring. When plants start to show new growth is the time to remove mulch and watch for weeds to emerge. Fruit trees need pruning as do shrubs that bloom in the summer. Landscape trees other than oaks that need pruning can benefit from a professional landscaping service.

Daffodils in field

Working Outside in April
Landscaping tips for April include continuing to remove winter mulch from perennials and roses. A good time to survey the overall condition of a landscape, April is warm enough to observe the damage caused by the winter. Perennials that were uprooted by frost need gentle pressure to firmly replace them in the soil. Landscaping maintenance requires constant attention by homeowners or a professional landscaping service. A walking survey can reveal areas that need new plantings or replacement of dead plants.

Annual pruning of shrubs keeps them in good shape by the removal of branches that make them appear unbalanced. Boxwood that is not shaped into a formal hedge can develop a soft appearance when May produces new growth.

Raking for Beauty
Snow mold can make a lawn look depressed, and one of the most important landscaping tips for homeowners is the recommendation to rake it. Raking is the best remedy to fluff it up, though it is a laborious task that is probably left to a landscaping service. Fairfield Landscaping in Canonsburg, PA provides superior landscaping maintenance for lawn repair as well as proper planting of new specimens. The best time to repair lawn problems is after the snow has melted and the ground is not wet and soggy. A landscaping service can add mulch to flower beds and garden paths to deter weeds when they first appear.

Keeping up the Good Work
As temperatures rise and new growth appears, the need for landscaping maintenance increases rapidly. Doing light jobs in the early spring is a pleasure, but mowing the yard every week is a chore that can occupy too much time. Landscaping tips can give homeowners a start on getting a yard in good shape, but landscaping maintenance by Fairfield Landscaping takes care of lawn chores professionally. A beautiful lawn is a joy for homeowners, and it is enjoyed by everyone who sees it. Getting professional help to maintain it is a wise decision.