Snow Removal Service

Fairfield Landscaping’s Snow Removal Services

This time of year, snowfall and the fluctuations in temperature can lead to serious roof and home damage. Melting snow re-freezes along your roofline, forming into a block of ice. That ice acts as a dam, blocking excess water so it can’t properly drain off your roof. The water has to go somewhere—up under your roof shingles and inside your home is what you need to avoid.

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Winter is coming

The Cold Weather is Coming

Your trees are either assets or liabilities depending on their health. But how do you know when a tree is in trouble? As we head into winter, now is a good time to assess them. Think of it as winterizing your trees the same way we prepare ourselves for the colder weather by pulling out our scarves and gloves and winter coats.

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When to Remove a Tree From Your Property

Have a Tree That Needs Removed?

Whether using trees for shade during hot summer days or simply to add structure and variety to your landscape design, proper tree maintenance is essential to both the health and the overall look of your trees. However, sometimes a tree needs to be removed, whether due to disease or due to its location on your property. Knowing when you need to remove a tree from your land will help you better determine when you’ll need to hire a Tree Removal Pittsburgh or landscaping Pittsburgh expert to help remove the tree properly and safely.

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Top 5 Lawn Care Tips

This Years Lawn Care Tips

When it comes to curb appeal, nothing is more inviting than a plush, green lawn. Homeowners are so eager to achieve this vision that they spend approximately $28 billion a year on lawn care products, installation, equipment, and maintenance. And that’s not all. Homeowners apply ten times more pesticides per acre than farmers—for a total of 67 million pounds per year.

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Common Lawn Care Questions

There are bare spots all over my lawn. Why are they there and how can I fix them?

Bare spots can be caused by a number of reasons. The most common causes are pet and or wild animal damage. Animal urine is like dumping a pile of fertilizer in one spot all over the lawn. Grass cannot handle the amount of nitrogen present in urine and experiences extreme desiccation and eventually death. Other causes of animal damage are the presence of insects. Animals will dig up grass to eat grubs, earthworms and other insects that may be present in the lawn.

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