Cold Weather Tree Care

Can you Prune Your Tree in the Cold Weather?

Although winter is here, you might be surprised to learn this is one of the best times of year to prune. It’s called dormant pruning. Your trees are still alive, and have stored most of their nutrients in the roots.

Why you should prune in the winter

Here are some of the ways wintertime landscaping, or more specifically—pruning—benefits your trees:

  • Places less stress on plants
  • Allows pruning cuts to heal faster
  • Easier to identify damage or disease
  • Easier to handle lighter limbs
  • No risk of new cuts being damaged by pests or pathogens this time of year
  • Less risk of transmitting disease

For fruit-bearing orchards

For fruit trees, pruning stimulates more seed production. How? After you prune the correct amount of growth from your tree, the tree will actually produce more seeds as a way to combat its “dying” state. More seeds equals more fruit

Pruning in the winter gets your trees ready to bear fruit later in the season. It’s best to keep fruit trees lower to the ground so they ripen evenly. Also, it will ultimately be easier for you to pick the fruit.

Did you know fruit trees produce the most fruit on branches angled up at 30-60 degrees? Do some research on the type of fruit trees you have because their needs vary.

Go ahead, prune away!

By taking advantage of this time of year to prune, you will be amazed with the results. Too cold for you? Why not enlist the help of professionals for all of your tree care services. Your trees will thank you.