Commonly asked questions when hiring a tree service

Need to Hire a Tree Service?

When it comes to hiring a tree removal service, you want a professional organization who has the right expertise, gets the job done on time, and charges you a fair rate. Overall, you want to feel comfortable with the team you hire.

Tree Shaping

Here are some questions to ask about tree removal service.

Are you insured?

The company you hire should provide you with a current certificate of insurance as part of the work contract. This insurance means you will not be held accountable for damage or injuries. In addition, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that personal protective equipment (hardhats, for example) be used for any tree care operation. Ask about this. A reputable company will require their workers to be protected.

Can you provide references?

Be sure that the references the tree care operation provide you with are recent. Also, you can tell a lot about their professionalism based on the condition of their truck and equipment. Is everything in good shape? Check their website. All of this will add to your overall impression, and it should be a good one. Well-appointed businesses translate into successful work.

Will you provide a written estimate?

As with any service project, ask at least three companies for written estimates so you can compare the price and scope. Is one company’s scope grossly different from the other two? Make sure you ask how long the project will take and when they will begin. One company may be too busy to start when you need them, which could be a deal breaker. Another might claim the project takes several days whereas the other two quote a matter of hours.

How will you approach the job?

The answer to this question will speak volumes. For example, you do not want them to use spikes to climb trees while pruning because spikes cause unhealthy wounds. Another poor practice is “topping,” which involves removing live sections from the top of the tree.

What is your policy if damage occurs?

Photograph the area before work begins as proof if damage should occur. Many times tree removal services require heavy machinery to cross your yard and this may harm your grass. If they must cross your lawn to complete the job, be sure to tell them where your sprinklers are and any other areas of potential damage such as underground electric dog fences to offset the change of damage. But do ask what their policy is should damage occur that is unacceptable. Also, ask how they clean up during and after the job is complete.