Get your Spring checklist done!

What Does Your Spring Checklist look like?

Spring is in the air, and in your garden. Take advantage of every nice day this season to get out there and knock off your to-do list so that you are ready to enjoy the outdoors and your property shines.

Where to start? Here are a few tips in tackling spring landscaping, Pittsburgh.

  1. Weed and mulch beds: It’s easier to pull weeds during the spring when the roots are shallow and the soil is dampened and loosened by those spring showers. Mulch over bare spots to minimize future weeds. Be generous — three to four inches of mulch is great — but do keep the mulch a few inches away from the base of trees and the crowns of plants so they don’t rot.
  2. Prepare your yard: To encourage the grass in your hard to grow, rake the lawn to remove dead growth and bring light and air to the soil level. You may decide to re-seed bare spots
  3. Clear out the clutter: Do you have debris and leaves clogging your drainage areas? Now is the time to clean them out so that spring rains have somewhere to go. Soil that drains well is best for growing flowers and landscaping.
  4. Make repairs: Now is the perfect time to mend fences, while there’s less growth to work around and fewer roots to disturb. Also, do you have a raised garden bed? The winter weather can be rough on these and sometimes if you try to stake them, it will rot and give way. Now is a good time to make all of those enhancements.
  5. Plant daffodils, lilies, crocus, hyacinth and other bulbs, including those that lived in pots inside your home. Looking to try some early spring vegetables now while soil is easier to work with? Consider peas, spinach, lettuces, and leeks.
  6. Prune dead or broken branches off trees and shrubs as soon as you detect new growth, but refrain from pruning spring blooming trees and shrubs preparing to bud and flower.