Larry Shock


Lawn Care Technician

Larry has over 11 years of experience in the Lawn and Turfgrass Industry. He began his career path by mowing lawns in his neighborhood and working at a local country club as a kid in Indiana, PA. After high school, Larry attended and graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Turfgrass Science. Before coming to work at Fairfield, Larry spent six and a half years working on a golf course and eventually became an Assistant Superintendent. Throughout his time there he helped with the country club’s eighteen hole renovation project that broadened his knowledge of construction and how to grow tournament quality turfgrass. He has also volunteered as a grounds crew member for many U.S.G.A. and P.G.A tournaments, exposing himself to the highest level of standards in the turf grass industry.

Larry began a small side business while working as an assistant superintendent. He enjoys interacting with customers and sharing his knowledge about lawn care. He believes that a healthy lawn is good for the environment and enhances the beauty of the accompanying landscape. Larry is a certified Pesticide Applicator through the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.