Lawn Care Tips for the upcoming Season

This Seasons’s Lawn Care Tips

Do you have lawn envy? How is it your neighbors’ lawns are lush and green and yours is…less healthy? Getting your property in shape and keeping it that way takes time and dedication, especially with the upcoming heat and dry weather summer often brings.

Our tips to keeping your lawn tip top!

Mow less often and at a higher setting

If you mow often, your grass doesn’t have a chance to recover. It’s already in a fight against the summer heat and dry spells, and being cut can place undue stress.

In addition, cutting too much off the top exposes your lawn to the elements. It needs shade and moisture retention. Set your blade to the right length so that you don’t open your lawn up to being scorched. Did you know—taller turf canopies also control weeds?

Sharpen your blades

Put it on your calendar as a reminder. It’s easy to forget. But by having your blades sharpened before the season starts (you can drop off blades at your local store and they will do it for you), your grass will thank you. You want to cut, not tear the blades.

Mulch the clippings

Did you know you are enriching your lawn with valuable nutrients every time you mulch grass clippings? This means: less need for supplemental fertilizers and no thatch buildup.

Water early and less often

The best time to water is early in the morning before it gets too hot. Why? When it’s hot, the water evaporates faster. Also you want the root system to grow deeper into the soil. Nighttime waterings pose the risk of fungus developing. So don’t water every day, but when you do water, do it deeply for up to one hour.