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Lawn Healthcare Professionals

A thick, green lawn does not come easy; it is the result of hard work. Why not let our lawn healthcare experts at Fairfield Landscaping help you?

We will provide a written proposal, including a schedule of visits. These visits are automatically made throughout the year, at the proper time, in an effort to help meet the seasonal needs of your lawn. On the average, it takes two years to build a healthy lawn. Initially we concentrate on bringing current problems under control and improving existing turf with a goal of creating a healthy, lush lawn for our customers.

Complete Lawn Analysis and Inspections– Every lawn is different.  Different grass types require different levels of care and attention. What works for a neighbor’s lawn, may not necessarily work for your lawn.  Fairfield’s certified technicians will provide a complete lawn analysis and recommend treatments to build and maintain a strong, healthy lawn.  In addition, each time we perform a lawn treatment our trained technicians will provide a lawn healthcare notice to let the customer know what actions should be taken to maintain a lustrous lawn.  Weather is the single biggest influence on the overall health of your lawn.  These reports will help to keep the customer well informed on a monthly basis how to maintain their lawn due to the unpredictability of weather in western Pennsylvania.


Aerating– One of the biggest keys to a healthy lawn is well aerated soils.  Aerating is the process of pulling cores of soil out of the lawn.   This process relieves soil compaction due to constant mowing and foot traffic.  In addition, aeration provides a pathway for air, water, seed, and nutrients to enter the soil.  The best time to perform lawn aerations is the fall and/or spring.



Liming Soils– Grass grows best in slightly acidic to neutral soils. Since fertilizer can overpower and acidify soil, we can add a lime application if needed to bring soil back to its optimum pH.  The best time to apply a lime application is directly following aeration.


Fertilization– Feeding your lawn properly with controlled slow release fertilizers will create the best environment for a strong healthy lawn.  It will not only be aesthetically pleasing but will help the lawn more effectively resist drought, weeds, insects, and diseases throughout the growing season.  Fairfield offers a variety of fertilizer treatments that are tailored for specific grass types and for customer expectations and preferences.


Weed Control- Our program offers preventative control of crabgrass and other grassy weeds.  We also offer season-long broadleaf weed control.  We will fine tune our broadleaf weed control applications to cater to individual lawn care needs.  Our experts can help you identify and treat any type of weed that may be a threat to your lawn.


Complete Insect Control– Our plan offers season-long grub control to rid your lawn of these voracious root-feeding insects.  Our plan also includes surface insect control.  This is important for those insects that feed on grass blades which can cause extensive damage if left untreated.  New for 2014 we are offering a flea and tick control program to keep your children and pets safe from these dangerous insects.


Disease Monitoring and Control– Diseases can be a problem for lawns based on many factors.  Grass type and weather are two of the main contributors to disease development and persistence.  We can offer disease treatment as part of a preventative or curative program.  Most importantly, we will monitor your lawn when applying other treatments and identify evidence of disease and other impending problems.


Meet our Residential Lawn Healthcare Staff

Larry Shock
Lawn Healthcare Technician