Matt Accamando

Matt  | Senior Landscape Manager | Fairfield Landscaping | Pittsburgh
Sr. Operations Manager

Matt has over 20 years experience in landscaping. He began by mowing lawns in sixth grade at the age of 12. Matt spent his high school years working at a nursery in Bethel Park and learning all about different plants and species. As a summer job while in college, Matt continued to work in the landscaping field and expand his expertise on the subject. For one year following his graduation from Virginia Tech., Matt worked in a stone quarry. Matt has tenacity for providing excellent customer service. Matt lived in Wyoming for a year where he worked as a maintenance manager for a hotel. Matt enjoys the outdoors to their fullest potential and is an avid huntsman and fisherman. Matt has been working for Fairfield Landscaping since its conception in 2000. He is responsible for overseeing all landscaping crews and maintaining a schedule for jobs so that customers can be assured that their projects are completely in a timely manner with their desired results.