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Eli Brenlove | President | Fairfield Landscaping | Pittsburgh

Eli Brenlove


Eli attended Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA studying Engineering and Architecture. In 2001 Eli started Fairfield Landscaping out of his parent’s garage purchasing a single pick-up truck and a few lawn mowers. Fairfield Landscaping was incorporated in 2002. Then in 2006 Eli decided to expand into the tree service market by acquiring a tree service company and in 2008 Fairfield Snow & Ice Services was established.

Eli’s drive, focus, and commitment to his dream has lead to a successful business with over 40 employees, and a large fleet of trucks and equipment. From the beginning, Eli’s goal has been to provide a level of service that exceeds our customers’ expectations. His attention to detail permeates the company and is his goal to have our customers come back year after year.

As President of both Fairfield Landscaping and Fairfield Snow & Ice Services, Eli sets the direction for future company growth and expansion. Eli has wisely chosen individuals to be part of his management team who have the same drive and determination as himself and assist him on a daily basis in moving forward into the future.

Lisa LaValle | Business Manager | Fairfield Landscaping | Pittsburgh

Lisa LaValle

Business Manager

Lisa graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA with a B.S. in Computer Science where she earned the designation of University Scholar. Prior to coming to Fairfield Landscaping she was employed as a project manager at ALCOA for 11 years and was responsible for the implementation of various large scale projects in the Information Technology department.

Following her departure from ALCOA she was employed by various small to mid-size companies including Crown Castle International, Questa Petroleum and HomeCare & Hospice located in Southwestern New York. Lisa has over 25 years of experience evaluating business procedures with a goal of improving and optimizing processes leading to greater efficiency and/or company growth.

Lisa began employment with Fairfield Landscaping in 2003 and is the Business Manager. She is responsible for managing business functions including accounting, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources, marketing, as well as other financial or related functions. She is responsible for establishing and implementing methodologies and procedures, providing technical leadership, as well as recommending and implementing process improvements. She plays a key role in contributing to the organization’s profitability and success.

Mark Englert | Lead Salesman | Fairfield Landscaping | Pittsburgh

Mark Englert

Lead Salesman

Mark joined the Fairfield Landscaping team in 2012. He came to Fairfield with over 30 years of experience in the plant and landscape industry. Mark grew up working in his family nursery and has worked as a landscaper his entire life. As a kid, he began by cutting grass and pruning shrubs in the nursery and escalated to running crews during summer breaks from high school. Mark attended West Virginia University where he studied Landscape Architecture and The University of Pittsburgh where he studied Business Marketing. Mark supervised the day to day operations of a large landscape nursery in Bethel Park for nearly 20 years. Here, he discovered that he truly enjoys interacting and teaching clients about plants and what landscaping can bring to their properties. Mark has spent time touring the United States visiting acclaimed nurseries, arboretums, and private gardens to enhance and expand his knowledge. Although Mark has an affinity for plants, he enjoys watching the Pittsburgh Pirates, The Food Network, and playing golf.

Doug Endy | Service & Safety Manager | Fairfield Landscaping | Pittsburgh

Doug Endy

Service and Safety Manager

Doug has been working in the automotive and parts industry for about 20 years. Since a young age Doug has been working on his family farm and fixing all the various types of farming equipment. His father owns the Bridgeville Auto Parts store and Doug went to work as soon as he was able. After graduating high school in 1997 he ventured into the trucking business as the sole owner/operator of Doug Endy Industries. Doug worked for 6 consecutive years as the Assistant Manager of NAPA’s Bridgeville parts store. During that time, he came to work part-time, nights for Fairfield Landscaping. Doug now runs the entire service department and is responsible for managing our entire fleet of vehicles, and all the equipment we use. He is well-versed in small engine, gasoline engine, and diesel engine repairs. Doug continues to run and work on his family’s beef cattle farm. Doug is married to his wife Debbie and they have one daughter, Della.


Matt Accamando | Sr. Operations Manager | Fairfield Landscaping | Pittsburgh

Matt Accamando

Sr. Operations Manager

Matt has over 20 years experience in landscaping. He began by mowing lawns in sixth grade at the age of 12. Matt spent his high school years working at a nursery in Bethel Park and learning all about different plants and species. As a summer job while in college, Matt continued to work in the landscaping field and expand his expertise on the subject. For one year following his graduation from Virginia Tech., Matt worked in a stone quarry. Matt has tenacity for providing excellent customer service. Matt lived in Wyoming for a year where he worked as a maintenance manager for a hotel. Matt enjoys the outdoors to their fullest potential and is an avid huntsman and fisherman. Matt has been working for Fairfield Landscaping since its conception in 2000. He is responsible for overseeing all landscaping crews and maintaining a schedule for jobs so that customers can be assured that their projects are completely in a timely manner with their desired results.



 Plant Healthcare

Brian Stanny | Technician Plant Healthcare | Fairfield Landscaping | Pittsburgh

Brian Stanny

Technician Plant Healthcare

Brian has over 25 years experience in this field. In 1997, he became a Certified Arborist through the ISA. Brian enjoys seeing how different diseases and insects interact with trees and shrubs. He prides himself on being able to see, diagnose and treat trees and shrubs in order to keep them growing to their fullest potential. Brian is a Certified Pesticide Applicator in the state of Pennsylvania for Ornamental and Shade Trees. Brian is well known for his talents outside of work as well. He has played drums in the Youth Symphony and was signed to a record label. Brian and his wife, who is a local pastor, have one child together and live in Imperial, PA. Brian believes that one of his strengths lies in customer relations, which is proven by the number of customers that continue to use his services year after year.

Lawn Maintenance

Jeremy Freehauf | Manager Lawn Maintenance Services | Fairfield Landscaping | Pittsburgh

Jeremy Freehauf

Manager Lawn Maintenance Services

Jeremy got his start in landscaping in the summer of 2002. For 3 years he was a grass cutting foreman at a company in Beaver County. From 2005-2010, Jeremy ran his own lawn maintenance company before coming to work for Fairfield Landscaping in January of 2011. His 10 years experience in this field has allowed him to quickly grow and expand his crews. Jeremy is certified in OSHA safety laws and regulations and has attended 2 seminars on Versa-Lock retaining walls. Jeremy is responsible for meeting and exceeding our customers needs one year to the next. Currently, Jeremy oversees 3 crews and numerous homeowners’ properties throughout the South Hills. Jeremy truly enjoys his fellow crew members and interacting with customers on a daily basis.

Larry Shock | Lawncare Technician | Fairfield Landscaping | Pittsburgh

Larry Shock

Lawncare Technician

Larry has over 11 years of experience in the Lawn and Turfgrass Industry. He began his career path by mowing lawns in his neighborhood and working at a local country club as a kid in Indiana, PA. After high school, Larry attended and graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Turfgrass Science. Before coming to work at Fairfield, Larry spent six and a half years working on a golf course and eventually became an Assistant Superintendent. Throughout his time there he helped with the country club’s eighteen hole renovation project that broadened his knowledge of construction and how to grow tournament quality turfgrass. He has also volunteered as a grounds crew member for many U.S.G.A. and P.G.A tournaments, exposing himself to the highest level of standards in the turf grass industry.

Larry began a small side business while working as an assistant superintendent. He enjoys interacting with customers and sharing his knowledge about lawn care. He believes that a healthy lawn is good for the environment and enhances the beauty of the accompanying landscape. Larry is a certified Pesticide Applicator through the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.