Snow Removal Service

Fairfield Landscaping’s Snow Removal Services

This time of year, snowfall and the fluctuations in temperature can lead to serious roof and home damage. Melting snow re-freezes along your roofline, forming into a block of ice. That ice acts as a dam, blocking excess water so it can’t properly drain off your roof. The water has to go somewhere—up under your roof shingles and inside your home is what you need to avoid.

Here are the best steps to take to avoid costly damage to your roof and home:

Be proactive! Hire a commercial snow removal company to remove snow from your roof and remove large, potentially dangerous icicles that hang from your gutters

Remove the first three to four feet of snow closest to the gutters on your roof after every winter storm. Otherwise, you risk those ice dams forming. No matter what type of roof your home has, or what condition it’s in, if there is more than foot of snow and ice, remove it. How?

Rake – a roof rake is a long-handled tool designed specifically for this purpose. Stand on the ground and pull as much of the snow off the eaves as you can safely reach.

Shovel – If you have a flat roof, you can shovel the snow off

Already have an ice dam? Fill a nylon stocking with calcium chloride ice melt and place it vertically across the ice dam so that it melts a channel through the dam. Never use rock salt.

Clear your downspouts — the goal is for your gutters to be able to function as they are intended. If they can’t drain the melted snow, you’ve got a problem.

Check your home’s insulation — Did you know any leak from inside your home can cause warm air to escape, contributing to the melting and freezing that’s happening this winter? Take a step back and be sure your home is well insulated. Have a professional check and seal any potential problem areas, including:

  • chimney
  • exhaust fans
  • vent pipes
  • attic hatches

Install a barrier — when building a new roof, or replacing an older one, consider using a water-repellant membrane for additional peace-of-mind.