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Stump grinders can remove your stumps quickly and safely.

Pittsburgh Area Stump Removal Services

For those home or business owners with mature landscaping, stump removal may become an issue at one time or another. The professionals at Fairfield Landscaping understand that not only can large stumps be an eyesore, but they can also pose a danger to anyone who is trying to navigate around them. Fast and efficient removal gives our clients peace of mind that the risk of injury is gone, and their landscape has been returned to normal.

Why Should I Remove a Mature Tree?

A mature tree may need to be removed for several reasons:

  • The tree has died
  • The tree is diseased
  • An insect infestation has struck the tree
  • Heavy wind or lightning has destroyed the tree or damaged it beyond repair

Fairfield Tree Removal and Stump Removal

Fairfield can remove your tree or trees from your yard and then complete the project by removing the stump. Removing a stump, especially from a mature tree that will likely have a large root system that is running under the ground, is best done by professionals with the proper training and equipment. Once the stump is removed, the landscape will be ready for seeding or other design elements.

Why are Tree Stumps Hazardous?

Stumps that are left untouched detract from the existing landscape. They also:

  • Pose an immediate hazard for children who are playing on or near them.
  • Frustrate adults who are trying to cut grass and trim weeds around a stump.
  • Begin to decay and start to attract stinging insects, snake, and other forms of wildlife that can cause damage to your home or that will bother anyone walking in the yard.

The professional crew at Fairfield Landscaping will make quickly remove the stump and will leave clients with a yard or property area that is clean and safe to walk on.

Stump Removal is Not A DIY Project

While some home or business owners might feel that stump removal is a DIY project, it is not. Not only is safety an issue, but the specialized grinding equipment used by Fairfield Landscaping ensures clients that the stump and roots are completely removed. Every part of the stump is ground into a mulch that can be used for landscaping or discarded.

When homeowners attempt a removal, there is greater chance of personal injury due to lack of experience and using the wrong tools. With insured professionals taking care of stump removal, you won’t have to worry. We’ll get it done with the right equipment and you’ll be able to reseed the ground. Soon, that space will blend in with the rest of the grass!

If you have commercial or residential property and need to have a tree or stump removed, call Fairfield Tree Service, and let our experienced employees take care of your problem.