When to Remove a Tree From Your Property

Have a Tree That Needs Removed?

Whether using trees for shade during hot summer days or simply to add structure and variety to your landscape design, proper tree maintenance is essential to both the health and the overall look of your trees. However, sometimes a tree needs to be removed, whether due to disease or due to its location on your property. Knowing when you need to remove a tree from your land will help you better determine when you’ll need to hire a Tree Removal Pittsburgh or landscaping Pittsburgh expert to help remove the tree properly and safely.

Tree Removal Service

Risk of Falling

One of the most common reasons trees are removed from a piece of property is the potential risk of the tree falling on surrounding structures or on a person. Typically trees that are older in age or have disease problems like oak wilt are at a higher risk of dying or losing their structural integrity. These conditions dramatically increase the risks of the tree falling. Even if the tree itself is sound, dead branches in the canopy can break and fall under their own weight, or the weight of ice, snow or animals. In order to assess the health of the canopy, you’ll most likely need to hire a tree removal Pittsburgh professional that can safely climb and identify potential dead limbs that may fall below.

Damaged Roots

A damaged root system is another potential reason to remove a tree. If you can visibly see signs of decay or rotting, the tree is most likely losing its structural support. Insect infestations and problems with fungus are common reasons for damaged roots. Oftentimes you’ll notice the tree leaning if the root system has lost its stability. A landscaping Pittsburgh professional can help diagnose root issues and decide whether or not the tree can survive or whether it needs to be removed.

Trunk Structure

If you notice cavities or cracks forming in your tree’s trunk, this could be a sign your tree is losing structural integrity as well. Luckily, this doesn’t always mean you need to remove the tree. Your landscaping Pittsburgh expert can examine the severity of any cracked or abnormal areas of a tree trunk that look structurally unsound and advise you whether or not you’ll need to remove the tree.

Safety Concern

As trees grow, if they’re in too close a proximity to power lines, they either need to be trimmed back or removed completely. Due to the potential electrical dangers of power lines, it’s essential that you hire a tree removal Pittsburgh expert to perform the work, both for your safety, as well as to prevent potentially damaging the power lines, resulting in an even greater cost.

While some homeowners choose to remove trees on their own, in most cases a tree removal expert is needed, especially when dealing with large trees or trees that are in potentially dangerous locations. For more information on your tree removal Pittsburgh or landscaping Pittsburgh projects, contact the professionals at Fairfield Landscaping.